TK – USA, 50 (19.6% Improvement)

“In March 2005, I had a major stroke on the right side of the brain, rendering the left side of my body weak and paralyzed. The stroke really impacted my vision. Reading became very difficult because I could not easily see where the line of text began on the left. I would misread price tags when shopping because I couldn’t see the numbers on the left. $29.95 would look like $9.95. I became startled when people would approach me from the left side because they seemed to suddenly jump out at me.

I learned about VRT from someone who suffered from a stroke and benefited greatly from NovaVision. The doctor who had recommended that therapy to that patient was tentative about the treatment. I settled into a routine of doing VRT twice a day, half an hour at a time. It was psychologically good for me to be working on something at home. It helped to get monthly results from NovaVision to check my progress. I also listened to music to make the time go by faster.

After VRT, my reading is much better and scanning a computer screen is much easier. I can ride a bicycle now with confidence and now I don’t have to concentrate as hard to see on the left. I still have to scan the environment a little, but I am more comfortable getting around. Because of VRT, I do not feel startled so often.

I am enthusiastic about my results from VRT. I know VRT is responsible for the improvements I’ve had in my vision.”


CM – Canada, 48 (18.1% Improvement)

“I had a surgery 6 years ago that caused my vision loss. After three months of doing VRT, I have seen big improvements in my vision. VRT has helped my vision in numerous ways; my reading ability improved, I can scan much better, read at ease, walk with confidence, turn corners much easier, and rarely do I run into anything. I give credit to VRT which has strengthened my vision and helped me drive again. I live a normal and active life now.”


LF – USA, 39 (33.1% Improvement)

“My vision began coming back after the first month of NovaVision VRT, which really surprised me. With each month of therapy, I kept getting better. Now, after several months of therapy, my general vision seems to be back to normal. I passed a driving test, and now I am able to drive safely and without difficulty. My grandchildren are allowed to ride with me again. I feel really lucky to have regained so much vision, particularly since I was told I had lost it for good. I feel so much better than I felt a year ago when I felt I was at my worst, and my vision is still improving. It is amazing how much VRT has helped me.

After VRT, I am more comfortable going places and I can read normally now and enjoy the newspaper. I have returned to my favorite hobby of rebuilding my three cars, including a 1940 Ford, and driving my boat at the lake. I feel like I’m back to normal.”


Annette – USA

“6 years ago I lost vision in my right eye. It was black optic nerve stroke. Doctors said I’d never see again out of that eye. But unwilling to give up I discovered NovaVision on the internet. And asked to be put in a trial case study. With the help of NovaVision I restored my eyesight in my right eye from pitch black to 20/15 in six months. I was amazed. Then suddenly this year June 14th 2015 I woke up with massive blurred vision in both eyes. Unknown cause, eye health normal, suspected optic nerve problem. Unable to work put on medical leave but after two months completed NeuroEyeCoach and one month of VRT therapy. I’m happy to say I can drive again and read street signs. And even information on products that small lettering. I am so thankful without NovaVision in my life. I’d been half blind. But amazingly enough I’m completely getting my vision back once again. Every day it’s clearer and I will be returning to work soon. Thank you to NovaVision. You have saved my eyesight twice in my life.”

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