The Eyes – Our Window To The World

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We get the most knowledge of our surroundings through our eyes; they convey more than any of our other senses. Every second the eyes absorb 10 million pieces of information and pass it on to the brain. Our vision adapts to different light conditions at cyber speed, refocusing within fractions of a second and distinguishing…

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Patient Spotlight: Wilfried H.

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A stroke occurs every five minutes in the UK where there are approximately 1.2 million stroke survivors(ref), and around 348,000 people are admitted to hospital with a brain injury each year(ref).  Up to 60% of people who have a stroke will experience some kind of vision disorder. Vision disorders can come in the form of…

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What Is A Visual Field Test?

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When you have problems with your vision and go to an ophthalmology practice, often not only your eyes and their visual acuity are measured, but also your visual field is examined with a perimeter. First of all: What is the visual field? The visual field is the area of your vision that you can perceive…

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