After several levels of NeuroEyeCoach, I was a much safer driver. I saw pedestrians more quickly, navigating the grocery store shelves was more successful, I could find the birds in my yard faster. I feel more confident and safe with my improved ability to see more while also having a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I can’t put a value on what I have gained with NeuroEyeCoach, I can just say Thank you with all that I am.

— Luree, from Virginia, USA

Several years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident which resulted in a percentage of peripheral vision loss. After completing the NEC therapy I did notice improvements, such as regularly locating items in my vision loss field and better motion navigation, so I do not bump into obstacles as often. I believe the therapy helped by improving my vision scanning frequency, and also creating a broader scale to scan making me more aware of how to see things in the “big picture”. I do recommend participation in this therapy. The support team is helpful and encouraging. I believe the product is beneficial to improving vision loss.

— Carole, from Connecticut, USA