Are You Suffering From A Vision Disorder After A Stroke Or Other Brain Injury?

Brain damage often results in visual disturbances. Around 20-30% of stroke patients suffer some loss of visual function, including visual field loss, double vision and visual neglect.

Vision loss after a stroke or brain injury usually affects both eyes producing feelings of black, grey, blurred or distorted vision, or nothingness and can cause marked disturbances to everyday life. Problems associated with visual field damage include:

  • Disturbed navigational skills making it difficult to avoid obstacles
  • Difficulty with everyday activities such as reading, writing, watching TV, and even eating
  • Inability to take part in leisure activities previously enjoyed

Family_Pre-Post NeEt Therapy

Neuro-Eye Therapy has been specifically designed to help you:

  • Based on many years of research at the University of Aberdeen demonstrating that visual sensitivity can be improved by the systematic stimulation of blind areas using visual stimuli.
  • Carried out in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule, with no surgery or medication involved.
  • The visual stimuli are customised to the area of damage for each individual and the program is interactive, adapting automatically as your visual sensitivity increases.

Patients perform a daily task that involves responding to images on a computer screen. The task takes around 25 minutes to complete, up to twice a day, and preferably at least five days a week. NeET is interactive and customised in relation to the area of damage for each individual.

Clinical studies published in peer reviewed scientific journals have shown that after a three-month training period on the program, clients experience improvements in their visual sensitivity within the damaged area of their visual field and the size of the affected area is often reduced. At the end of therapy, clients have reported on the practical advantages of NeET. These include better detection of moving or flickering objects such as traffic, improvements in reading and visual attention, improved navigational skills, and greater concentration and confidence—all of which can lead to improved quality of life

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