NovaVision Sight Science offers physicians a range of product and service offerings to suit the specific demands of the physician.

Referral Program

VRT and NeET require patients to provide a visual field test. NovaVision Sight Science is always seeking physicians to whom we can refer patients looking for a healthcare professional in their locality, and is interested in receiving referrals for potential patients for VRT and NeET. NovaVision provides marketing materials and support for interested physicians. NovaVision provides VRT and NeuroEyeCoach together in a complementary package designed to broaden patient benefits; NeuroEyeCoach its own for those patients only interested in a compensation therapy; and NeET in its own for those patients only interested in a restoration therapy.

NovaVision Professional Physician Model

NovaVision provides a model which enables physicians to register patients for NovaVision’s VRT and NeuroEyeCoach therapies in their clinic or practice, monitor patients’ progress during their therapy and meet with them to review results during or at the completion of therapy, as desired. The physician is provided dedicated, password- protected portal access to their patients, whose therapy is administered by NovaVision.

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NovaVision provides a program suite designed for centres and clinics on an all-in-one computer device, comprising VIDIT visual field diagnostic software and NeuroEyeCoach Professional Centre Model; centres can chose if they would like one or other program, or both.


NovaVision offers rehabilitation centres and clinics a VRT diagnostic product called Vision Diagnostics or VIDIT, training and support and a mechanism for therapists to be able to refer patients to NovaVision for VRT therapy.

VIDIT is a diagnostic system for rehabilitation therapists and other healthcare professionals that enable them to perform high-resolution visual field tests to screen for central visual field deficits commonly associated with stroke or brain injury. An undetected visual field deficit may adversely impact other rehabilitation modalities, so early detection and treatment are critical steps towards improving overall patient care. Tests can be performed in less than 10 minutes.

NeuroEyeCoach Professional Centre Model

NeuroEyeCoach Professional Centre is supplied by NovaVision installed on an all-in-one computer; additionally NovaVision will provide user manuals, marketing materials and training.

The NeuroEyeCoach therapy program is connected to a software application that administers user accounts with personal details and therapy results. It presents itself as a web portal but is a standalone application hosted locally on the same computer that runs the therapy program.

The centre or clinic will have the option of connecting the computer to their internal network if applicable, in which case the centre or clinic will also be able to access the Portal from any other authorised networked computer.

NovaVision provides secure cloud back-up, remote support and assistance (centre can opt-out if they wish and provide own back-up).

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