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May 2016

Neuroplasticity—Our Dynamic Brain

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What is Neuroplasticity? The brain, as the control centre of the body, is made up of around 100 billion nerve cells or neurons, which transmit and receive electrochemical signals via networks of millions of nerve fibres, the axons and dendrites. The axons pass electrical and chemical messages to other neurons, muscles or glands, and the...
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What is Hemianopia?

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Hemianopia, also called hemianopsia (we’ll use hemianopia here), is a type of vision loss that can happen after a stroke or brain injury which affects both eyes in the left or right side of the visual field. The amount of vision loss can be extensive or partial depending on where in the brain the injury...
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Stroke and Vision Loss

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If you have recently had a stroke, you may find that you’re having difficulty seeing everything that’s going on around you. Vision loss and other visual problems after a stroke aren’t usually a result of damage to the eyes, more often the damage is in the brain within the area that processes visual information transmitted…

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